Day 9059: Setting up this blog

I spent 5-8pm in Starbucks doing the following:

  1. Signed up for a new AWS account (–> 12 months of free select services in addition to the Basic tier plan).
  2. Spawned a (free) t2.micro EC2 instance, installed WordPress by Bitnami from AWS Marketplace, and setup an elastic IP for the EC2 instance (see ref).
  3. Bought a domain from Google and added records to direct the domain to the elastic IP.
  4. Inside the WordPress software: installed new themes, figured out how to edit different aspects of the theme (new concepts include “sliders”), and figured out how to post ‘Pages’ vs ‘Posts’.


  • Generate SSH keys so I can access the EC2 instance directly. Then follow these steps to remove the pesky “manage” logo thing.